26th - 28th February

182 Lake Road, Elermore Vale

Finances - Mindset - Emotions - Relationships - Spirituality - Parenting - Health.

You can change your life. Get ready for an exciting, fun and entertaining weekend of new information, breakthroughs and inspiration. You'll discover the secrets of success and learn everyday actions that lead to the amazing results you've always wanted.

Free children's program (5-12 yrs).

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Rome Ulia

Rome is the 2011 Australian Power-lifting Champion; winning two gold medals in power-lifting and bench press in the Australia & Pan Pacific Championships.Rome has become an inspiration to many, as he has shared his journey of transformation from poor choices and gang life to Australian champion.

Rome's two presentations will share powerful and motivating insights on setting and achieving goals and experiencing life breakthroughs.

Dr Emma Campbell

Dr Emma Campbell is a local GP with a strong interest in Lifestyle Medicine. 70% of her patients' health problems relate to poor diet, lifestyle habits amd am obesity inducing environment.

Emma's passionate and empowering presentation will help you experience breakthrough choices about what to eat, move and think in ways that increase your physical health and inspire you to live your best life.

Dr Mara Schulz

Dr Mara Schulz is a local Clinical Psychologist who works with children, teens and adults. Mara will give simple tools to help take greater control of your life and emotions; dealing with stress, worry, sadness, as well as giving some answers to help you live life to the full.

Understanding links between the mind and emotions can be the key to unlocking personal satisfaction in life.

Ben Rea

"The Fundamentals of Success" is a fun, exciting and inspiring session looking at the basic habits common to the world's most successful people. The good news? They can be applied in your life too!

In "Master Your Relationships" Ben will share tools for relationship success that will help release new levels of love, joy and happiness in marriages, families and friendships.

Dr Barry Streete

In "How to Win the Money Game" Barry will give simple tools to help reduce bad debt and increase wealth in his fun and inspiring way.

Barry has a PhD in Economics & Education and been lecturing to, and mentoring Entrepreneurs & Financial Planners for more than 40 years.

Christie Rea

Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and ability to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all areas of life.

Christie is a local Paediatric Occupational Therapist. She will share a method to boost emotional intelligence and create positive long-lasting effects for children and teens to build confidence and help them grow socially, emotonally and intellectually.

Linda Ross

What is your destination for 2016? What about an awareness life of love, freedom and successful living! In Linda's session you'll have the chance to set up your year to be the best yet.

You will have the chance to look practically at all areas of life, consider what is working, what is not and create some action points to more forward.

Event Program

Friday February 26th
7:00pm The Fundamentals of Success - Ben
7:30pm How to Live a Power Filled Life - Linda
8:30pm Master Your Relationships - Ben

Saturday February 27th
2:00pm Living Well: Mastering Your Physical Health - Emma
3:00pm Mind Over Grey Matter: Discovering Tools for Enjoying Mental & Emotional Wellbeing - Mara
4:00pm Climbing Out of Life's Dark Places Part 1 (Discover goal setting, motivation and new breakthrough power) - Rome
5:00pm Climbing Out of Life's Dark Places Part 2 (Discover the extra secret to success) - Rome

Sunday February 28th
1:30pm Emotion Coach Your Child: Teaching and Modelling Emotional Intelligence in the Home - Christie
2:30pm How to Win the Money Game - Barry
3:15pm How to Balance Your Life - Barry
4:00pm Master Your Life in 2016 - Rome

Free Children's Program
Ages 5-12 Years
Bring your children along for a free fun-filled time! This exciting program feature games, crafts and activities your kids will be sure to love.

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Click here to download the brochure.