Who is Jesus?

Every day we, as Christians, worship Jesus Christ and share his story with others. We are passionate about him. He is our greatest hero. Our lives are different, transformed, better because of him.

But you may be wondering why. Who is this Jesus and why does he matter? Was he real or just a story? Can an individual really make such a difference? Read on to learn more.


Jesus’ legacy

Who this year has inspired more music, architecture, literature and art than Jesus? Who has given the world such values, principles for quality relationships, and dignity to women and children like Jesus? His motivation caused the origin of hospitals, universities, orphanages and aid agencies. Countless schools and retirement villages are dedicated to his name.

Two millenniums since Jesus was here, far more people will worship him each weekend than all those who will attend football matches and rock concerts. This year around the globe more will be converted to his way than to any other. One third of the world now follows him.

Two millenniums ago crucifixion was a symbol of shame and death. Today countless symbols of his crucifixion rise on spires over cities and villages, and countless crosses hang around necks, representing, not shame and death, but LIFE, hope and transformation. There is no one like Jesus.


Jesus is an historical figure

Every day the internet and newspapers around the world readjust their date to when he was here. The dates of history divide into two eras – before he came, BC, and since he came, AD.

Not only did his devotees, like Dr. Luke, the best historian from the first century, write about him, but so did Roman and Jewish historians. His biography is not based on myth, magic and fantasy, but on historical accounts. This is who Jesus was.


Jesus is the fulfilment of ancient predictions

Over five hundred years before he came, prophets predicted with great accuracy where Jesus would be born, when he would begin his mission, when he would die, and what the nature of his mission would be. Jesus is absolutely unique.


Jesus’ life was like no other

Like no other person who has walked on earth, Jesus claimed to be God, to be faultless [that is to be unlike all other men], to forgive human error, to have power over death, and to be the only way to eternal life.  By claiming that, he is either the greatest hoax or he is totally distinct from any other being who has ever been here.

His well attested resurrection after death is the heartbeat of Christians. Celebrating his resurrection and birth are the two greatest festivals on our planet, bringing love, joy, peace and hope to human hearts.

Jesus said that Scripture was written about himself. His book, the Bible, has sold far more copies and is translated into far more languages than any other book. Yet he never wrote one manuscript. Even in communist China 100 million Bibles have been published, with millions more copies being brought into that country to meet the hunger for God’s word.

Jesus is entirely authentic and is the greatest hero anyone could ever have. This is who Jesus is.


Jesus changes lives today

Through his inspiration, wisdom, forgiveness and spiritual power, Jesus changes lives today. From lack-lustre to purposeful. From self indulgent to self-sacrificial. From greed to generosity. From anger to peace.  From destructive addictions to character development. From despair to hope. This is what Jesus does.


Jesus is coming again

This same Jesus, who is inspiring, authentic, trustworthy, compassionate, and forgiving, promised that just as he came the first time in humility as a baby, he would come again a second time in glory to provide all who love him with freedom from pain, suffering and death. Just as the prophecies of his first coming happened, so will those of his return. Because of his integrity we believe his promise and eagerly await his return.

Jesus is the one who is worthy of our total confidence. This is Jesus' promise.


Want to know more?

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